Reach Out.

The Best Books on Self Help Encourage you to Reach Out!
There is someone in your life that needs you right now. Reach out to the people around you, and do whatever you can to help them. Sometimes, a phone call or a hug, some ice cream or some flowers, a card or a note can change someone’s day, and even their life. Don’t limit this to the people closest to you. Perhaps there is someone sitting on the outskirts of your life that you had a falling out with, or just someone you haven’t seen in a long time. Now is the time to reach out to them.
This week presented me with an opportunity to make someone smile just a little. This was someone who was previously quite close to me, but due to a large change in her personal life, had ended up skimming the perimeter of my life. I received a phone call from her early one morning, and the phone call did not go well. She was sad and angry, and she lashed out at me. Realizing that she was not in a good place, I decided to take some action. After a quick stop at the grocery store, I arrived at her home with some flowers, some ice cream, and a hug. One of her first comments to me was “It took some guts to come here”. After a quick conversation, lots of tears, and several hugs, any misunderstandings that had been between between us were resolved.
I don’t think what I did took guts. I think it took compassion, and an understanding that her behavior toward me was not personal. I felt an intense desire to help in any way I could. Life is too short to let fear hold you back from doing great things.
Reach out to someone today, even if you are afraid of the response. You may end up pleasantly surprised in the results. Namaste.

Get Dirty!

Getting dirty can be a lot of fun…

I took some time today to clean the leaves and dead stuff out of my over-sized garden in preparation for my garden this year. It was perfect. My girls played on the swings and then dug huge holes in my garden and made mud pies, complete with real live worms, while I had the pleasure of “cleaning” my garden. I am not an experienced gardener, but not knowing something has never stopped me before!

Just touching the earth with my hands today made me appreciate where my food comes from…not the grocery store, but the garden or farm that makes my grocery store food possible.  Gardening is a lot of work, but it is something I feel passionate about, and it is an activity that calms my mind and nurtures my soul.

Often, we justify doing activities we enjoy by stating how much money or time these activities will save us. Gardening is never going to save me money or time in the end, but it does make me feel happy. I kind of like getting dirty…it makes me feel like such a rebel!

This week, I am encouraging you to get dirty in your life! Find an activity that you enjoy doing, and do it without justifying anything but the fact that it makes you happy. You are accountable to you, first and foremost. Make yourself happy and everything else will follow.  Namaste.

Success Laws: Keep your cool.

It is important to remember that your successes in life are dependent upon your interactions with other people. We cannot do things on our own. We need others to help us, guide us, and give us what we need. Oh, there are times when I wish this was not the case! But it is a reality.

There will be times when it seems like other people are on a mission to destroy you. They seem to thwart all of your efforts and have you thinking that you are just an interruption and annoyance in their day. Unfortunately, you need them. Even though you will feel like you want to scream, swear and cry to get what you want, you need to approach these situations differently. It all comes down to proper communication and persuasion. And it all hinges on your own perception of the person and the situation.
When someone appears to be pulling attitude with you, or just generally not doing what you need or want them to do,  remember that it is rarely about you. It is not personal. Everyone has their own issues, and often the reactions that you get from people are a result of their own insecurities or background, which you know nothing about. And you may not need, or want to know that information!
All you need to do is keep your cool. Remember what the goal is… get what you need out of that person. Time to turn on your charm. Let them know that you understand where they are coming from and that you appreciate everything they are doing for you (even if they are blatantly NOT doing a thing for you), and then help them to understand where you are coming from. People are innately selfish, so focus on what they are going to get out of a successful transaction with you. Maintain your assertive position, but keep your emotions in check.
And if you need to lighten it up, just keep thinking to yourself “how sweet can I be to the B*#tch*s I encounter in my life?” (you may also insert an appropriate male gender specific title when the need arises).
Keep your communications light and sweet… do whatever it takes to make yourself smile even when you’re having a particularly difficult negotiation. Do not get discouraged if one conversation ends in you not getting what you wanted. It’s not personal. The important thing is to keep trying and keep smiling.  Namaste.

Love is in the air.

Today is the day that we are supposed to tell the people we love how much we love them.  There is an expectation that one will receive flowers, chocolates, jewelery or a beautiful, romantic night out.

I love the idea of Valentine’s Day in that we tell people we care about them and appreciate them.  What I do not like are all of the expectations that we have placed on one day.   I think we should consider every day to be like Valentine’s Day and not wait for one day to tell our loved ones how we feel.  And I also do not think you should feel pressured to spend a lot of money on something to give to your loved ones as a sign of affection.

Making a homemade card with an affectionate saying on it, or writing a love note and giving it to someone can be more powerful than any diamond bracelet. (don’t get me wrong, diamonds are still a girls best friend…)

Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day.  Say “I Love You” everyday with your words and with your actions.  Getting flowers on a day that is not Valentine’s Day will surprise your sweetheart even more.

Express your love everyday and always try to maintain an element of surprise.  Everyone loves a good surprise.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Value your network.

Do not underestimate how important your network is in your life.  Ensure that you maintain every relationship in your life, no matter how small, or infrequent your interactions are.  Keep your relationships positive and upbeat, and never leave things negative if it can be helped.

You never know when you will need someone to help you out, or when they will need your help.  It really doesn’t take long to connect with people.  A quick phone call or email will keep you in the forefront of people’s minds, and you never know what they will have to tell you when you do check in! You do not need a reason to check in with your network.  All you need to say is that you wanted to touch base with them and see how everything is going.  Is there anything you can do for them currently? Are they doing well, and prospering? How is their family? Reach out to as many people as you can every day.  Your network is the key to reaching your goals, and the information and assistance that you need is already waiting for you in your network.  You just need to start searching for it! Ask questions, provide information, and be generally compassionate and interested.  You will find what you need quickly, and it will seem like magic.

Start using your powers today to get everything you need.  Rock your network!

It takes two.

This morning when my alarm went off, I was inspired by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock’s song, “It Takes Two”.

It takes two to make a thing go right…

It takes two to make it outta sight!

Every successful relationship requires all persons involved to put in effort .  One person alone cannot make the world go around, nor should they try to!

When you are a team, and both parties are excited, motivated, and putting the effort in, you can make it “outta sight!”

It is very noticeable when any relationship is one sided. Expectations are placed on one party, while the other party chooses to put their efforts elsewhere.

You can only be responsible for your behavior and your efforts.  And you cannot expect to change others.  If there is a relationship in your life that is not reaching the heights that you expect, you cannot take that all on! Take on your 50% of the responsibility that you have in the relationship, and be sure to communicate with the other party about your feelings.

If you want all of your relationships to soar, it will take two.  Nurture the relationships that fuel you and that create positive results.  Think carefully about relationships that don’t.

And above all, smile and remind yourself that you are amazing.  Namaste!

Better a relationship in your life today!

Life gets so busy that we sometimes forget to take time to let the people we care about know how much they mean to us.  Make time today to show the people you love that you care about them, and are thinking about them.  Here are some ideas on how to let them know:

  • Send flowers and a meaningful card, or have flowers waiting for them when they come home (or bring them with you when you meet)
  • Send an e-card, or mail an actual card
  • Call them and tell them outright how you feel about them
  • Plan a date night
  • Cook their favorite dinner or dessert
  • Buy some rose petals and sprinkle them on the bed
  • Do something to make life easier for them, like washing their car or taking out the garbage / recycling
  • Put a note in their lunchbag, or on / under their pillow

It is amazing how good it feels to share with others.  And don’t forget about you! You should be the most important person in your life.  So be sure to do something nice for yourself today too.  Flowers are nice… Namaste.

Meet my Coach Series, Part 1

I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of the people who have influenced me in a positive way in my life.  I will call all of these people coaches, as they have “schooled” me in some way or another, and have been influential in supporting me to where I am today.  I hope you enjoy getting a closer look at my network.

The first person I want to introduce you to is a Powerful Woman who has literally always been there for me.  She has been caring for and supporting me in my life efforts for as long as I can remember, and even longer than that.  She has been, and continues to be a mentor, a friend, and the grandmother of my beautiful daughters.  She is my Mommy, Janet Legere, and I am so proud to introduce her to you!

Janet is an online marketing guru and mentor, and she has used the internet to fulfill her lifestyle dreams for years.  If you are thinking about marketing yourself, or your business online,  you need to hook up with Janet.  Check out her online mentoring site at

It is so hard to call her Janet, when Mom is all I have ever called her!

With Janet’s help, I have successfully set up all of my own websites and learned a tonne about online marketing.  And if I can do it, so can you.  Start using the internet to get your product, or yourself,  out to the world today!

No matter what my issue is, be it a website glitch, a babysitting nightmare, or a friendly ear for listening, my mom has always been there for me.   And I want to take this opportunity to thank her for all she has done for me.

Have an abundant day!