Reach Out.

The Best Books on Self Help Encourage you to Reach Out!
There is someone in your life that needs you right now. Reach out to the people around you, and do whatever you can to help them. Sometimes, a phone call or a hug, some ice cream or some flowers, a card or a note can change someone’s day, and even their life. Don’t limit this to the people closest to you. Perhaps there is someone sitting on the outskirts of your life that you had a falling out with, or just someone you haven’t seen in a long time. Now is the time to reach out to them.
This week presented me with an opportunity to make someone smile just a little. This was someone who was previously quite close to me, but due to a large change in her personal life, had ended up skimming the perimeter of my life. I received a phone call from her early one morning, and the phone call did not go well. She was sad and angry, and she lashed out at me. Realizing that she was not in a good place, I decided to take some action. After a quick stop at the grocery store, I arrived at her home with some flowers, some ice cream, and a hug. One of her first comments to me was “It took some guts to come here”. After a quick conversation, lots of tears, and several hugs, any misunderstandings that had been between between us were resolved.
I don’t think what I did took guts. I think it took compassion, and an understanding that her behavior toward me was not personal. I felt an intense desire to help in any way I could. Life is too short to let fear hold you back from doing great things.
Reach out to someone today, even if you are afraid of the response. You may end up pleasantly surprised in the results. Namaste.

Arrrr Matey!

Did you know that Roatan, Honduras used to be inhabited by Pirates, including Henry Morgan? The British Government made piracy illegal and then they proceeded to hire the “pirates” to ransack Spanish ships.  The pirates became known as privateers, and they lived on Roatan at Port Royal (which is also the name of one of the local beers… yummy).  Any loot that the privateers took became property of the British Government, and the privateers received a decent salary for their work.  They were allowed to keep one gold chain in their possession, so they got creative and made the chains really long and heavy! They were also allowed to keep one gold earring.  Getting a proper burial was very important to the privateers, and upon giving a fellow pirate their burial, the earring was taken as payment.

Today I am dreaming about finding a pirate map with a huge red X on it marking the spot where some of that British loot was hidden (they didn’t give it all to the British… they are pirates!).  Oh, the adventure I am going to have searching for that treasure! Once I find it, you can bet that I will share it!

There’s a little history lesson for you today, and also a reminder to have a dream! Dream big or dream small, just make sure that your dreams seem crazy, illogical, amazing and personal.  The more you can allow yourself to think about the impossible, the closer you will be to achieving those dreams.

Enjoy your search for hidden treasures, whatever that means to you.  Namaste.



Safe Saturday

Protect yourself with your mind. Imagine that you have an invisible shield. Now put it on yourself, and zip it up. Get your family to do the same. Now imagine that you also have a large imaginary shield that covers your entire home, and property. Zip it up and lock it down. Now enjoy that “safe” feeling! 🙂

It’s Friday. Are you ready?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.  Are you ready for different results in your life? If so, you will need to change something! Most people fear change, and this fear keeps them in their comfort zone.  Turn that fear into excitement! Take the first step towards realizing your dreams by jumping (not stepping!) out of your comfort zone, and embrace a little change.  You can do it.  You are amazing.