Reach Out.

The Best Books on Self Help Encourage you to Reach Out!
There is someone in your life that needs you right now. Reach out to the people around you, and do whatever you can to help them. Sometimes, a phone call or a hug, some ice cream or some flowers, a card or a note can change someone’s day, and even their life. Don’t limit this to the people closest to you. Perhaps there is someone sitting on the outskirts of your life that you had a falling out with, or just someone you haven’t seen in a long time. Now is the time to reach out to them.
This week presented me with an opportunity to make someone smile just a little. This was someone who was previously quite close to me, but due to a large change in her personal life, had ended up skimming the perimeter of my life. I received a phone call from her early one morning, and the phone call did not go well. She was sad and angry, and she lashed out at me. Realizing that she was not in a good place, I decided to take some action. After a quick stop at the grocery store, I arrived at her home with some flowers, some ice cream, and a hug. One of her first comments to me was “It took some guts to come here”. After a quick conversation, lots of tears, and several hugs, any misunderstandings that had been between between us were resolved.
I don’t think what I did took guts. I think it took compassion, and an understanding that her behavior toward me was not personal. I felt an intense desire to help in any way I could. Life is too short to let fear hold you back from doing great things.
Reach out to someone today, even if you are afraid of the response. You may end up pleasantly surprised in the results. Namaste.

Listen to the Best Books on Self Help and Give Yourself Permission.

Success Law: Give Yourself Permission to do less.
There are so many social molds that we, as a society, squish ourselves into everyday. Our vision of what success is may put us into a mold where we are overwhelmed with things to do, we feel stressed out all the time,  and we are on our phones all the time. We see these things happening around us, and we begin to believe that it is the only way. We form a perception of what things should look like based on what we see.
Alas…there is more to life than what we can see with our brain washed eyes. ‘Tis true!
It is important to realize that You define what success is in your life. This is your dream…your reality.  Why not make “less stress, more fun” your new success mold? Give yourself permission to enjoy life a little more. Permission to worry less and be more excited. Permission to procrastinate a little on some small day-to-day things, which allows you time to explore your other passions.
Stop restricting yourself. You do deserve to be happy, relaxed, and excited. You deserve to be rich with love and money and health.
Remember Pareto’s Principle that 80% of our results are derived from 20% of the activities we do. So start doing less! Just keep your eye on the prize.
Know where you want to go and then focus solely on that goal. Do not allow anything to distract you from that end goal. Relax and enjoy the journey. Keep taking action everyday, but do not force it. Everything takes time. You know you are going to get there when the time is right, so enjoy everything you have right now! Slow down. Take deep breaths. Take in everything you have created so far, and be proud.   Allow yourself to feel good now. It is all in your control. Have a wonderful week! Namaste.



Look at your life, and what you have created around you. Somewhere in your life there is a place that has the ability to heal you, and propel you. This place was designed by you, for you. No matter what your circumstance is right now, that space is there waiting for you. It is right there for the taking, but its power may be invisible to you. Your job is to find that place now, and use it.

For me, the front porch of our home has turned into my sanctuary. When I sit there, I feel totally at peace with myself, and with the Universe. I feel calm and my mind is clear. After 5 or 10 minutes in this space, I always feel rejuvenated and refreshed. If I am feeling emotional, this space allows me to feel those feelings intensely, while encouraging me to let go of those feelings fairly quickly. In this space, I can dream easily of where I want to be because my mind is quiet and free. Taking 5 or 10 minutes each day to focus on your dreams in the most important time you can give yourself, and it will create the largest results. Focusing on the result is the key. The “getting there” will happen if you focus on the goal.

Your goal is to find your sweet spot. Wherever that spot is for you. You will know it is right by how you feel when you are there…calm and free. Ask the Universe out loud to help you find your sweet spot, and you will be amazed at what is revealed. The spot is there…it is waiting for you. Change your life by finding it and then physically force yourself there as often as you can. Clear your mind of the daily grind and open up your soul to your dreams. Help yourself dream more easily and start creating more quickly. You will also rapidly increase your health just by taking 5 minutes each day to breath and let the thoughts of the day go. A game of hide-and-seek has begun. Report back to me at!

Where to look.

Years ago, when I was taking my motorcycle training, I learned a most important lesson. Everyone in the class lined up on their bikes single file at the bottom of a small hill. Our exercise was to drive up the little hill, turn around tightly at the top and then drive back down the hill. Sounds pretty straightforward. But it wasn’t for me. I would get to the top of the hill, try to turn, and I would drop my bike. Each time I would pick up my bike, feel frustrated and then I would drive down the hill. By the tenth time, I was in tears. I was tired from lifting my motorbike back up, and I was embarrassed that everyone in the class was watching me bite it time after time.


So what was I doing wrong? I kept going where I was looking, which was at the ground! My instructor told me to look where I wanted to go…not where I didn’t want to go!


I distinctly remember successfully completing the task for the first time. When I got to the top of the hill, I forced myself to whip my head around and look down the hill, instead of worrying about the ground. With my body following my lead, I eased my bike around that tight corner and cruised my way to victory at the bottom of the hill. Everyone cheered, including me.


You have got to look where you want to go in life, and sometimes you have to force yourself to do this as it is not an easy thing. Keep your focus on what you do want, and really try hard not to think about, or get caught up in, what you don’t want. Consciously remind yourself of this small lesson everyday, stay focused on your dreams even in the hardest moments and you’ll be cruising your way to success. Have a prosperous and fabulous week.    Follow me on facebook @bethatbooks to get inspired daily and find out the latest Be That news!

Success Laws: Know yourself.

Knowing what you want, and when you want it is the key to your success.

What I want is exemplified by a few simple lyrics in a Queen song…

“I want it all, I want it all,I want it all, and I want it now!”

Funny, but absolutely true. Wanting it all NOW creates an interesting dynamic in my life. The frustration and stress of waiting for the things I want forces me to have more patience, which is something I need to consciously work on everyday. Wanting it all now is also extremely motivating and it inspires me to take actions everyday towards getting what I want. The results are incredible, and usually worth the wait.

Today, I would encourage you to really think about what you want, and when you want it. Realize that you deserve to get everything you want and it is totally in your control to get it all. You may not have full control over when you get it, but the more effort you put in, the quicker it will happen. So, what are you prepared to do to fulfill your dreams in a timely fashion? What are you prepared to give up right now to secure your dreams? Just start doing it and you will amaze yourself in the near future. Action = Results. Go for it! Namaste.

Success Laws: Keep your cool.

It is important to remember that your successes in life are dependent upon your interactions with other people. We cannot do things on our own. We need others to help us, guide us, and give us what we need. Oh, there are times when I wish this was not the case! But it is a reality.

There will be times when it seems like other people are on a mission to destroy you. They seem to thwart all of your efforts and have you thinking that you are just an interruption and annoyance in their day. Unfortunately, you need them. Even though you will feel like you want to scream, swear and cry to get what you want, you need to approach these situations differently. It all comes down to proper communication and persuasion. And it all hinges on your own perception of the person and the situation.
When someone appears to be pulling attitude with you, or just generally not doing what you need or want them to do,  remember that it is rarely about you. It is not personal. Everyone has their own issues, and often the reactions that you get from people are a result of their own insecurities or background, which you know nothing about. And you may not need, or want to know that information!
All you need to do is keep your cool. Remember what the goal is… get what you need out of that person. Time to turn on your charm. Let them know that you understand where they are coming from and that you appreciate everything they are doing for you (even if they are blatantly NOT doing a thing for you), and then help them to understand where you are coming from. People are innately selfish, so focus on what they are going to get out of a successful transaction with you. Maintain your assertive position, but keep your emotions in check.
And if you need to lighten it up, just keep thinking to yourself “how sweet can I be to the B*#tch*s I encounter in my life?” (you may also insert an appropriate male gender specific title when the need arises).
Keep your communications light and sweet… do whatever it takes to make yourself smile even when you’re having a particularly difficult negotiation. Do not get discouraged if one conversation ends in you not getting what you wanted. It’s not personal. The important thing is to keep trying and keep smiling.  Namaste.

Arrrr Matey!

Did you know that Roatan, Honduras used to be inhabited by Pirates, including Henry Morgan? The British Government made piracy illegal and then they proceeded to hire the “pirates” to ransack Spanish ships.  The pirates became known as privateers, and they lived on Roatan at Port Royal (which is also the name of one of the local beers… yummy).  Any loot that the privateers took became property of the British Government, and the privateers received a decent salary for their work.  They were allowed to keep one gold chain in their possession, so they got creative and made the chains really long and heavy! They were also allowed to keep one gold earring.  Getting a proper burial was very important to the privateers, and upon giving a fellow pirate their burial, the earring was taken as payment.

Today I am dreaming about finding a pirate map with a huge red X on it marking the spot where some of that British loot was hidden (they didn’t give it all to the British… they are pirates!).  Oh, the adventure I am going to have searching for that treasure! Once I find it, you can bet that I will share it!

There’s a little history lesson for you today, and also a reminder to have a dream! Dream big or dream small, just make sure that your dreams seem crazy, illogical, amazing and personal.  The more you can allow yourself to think about the impossible, the closer you will be to achieving those dreams.

Enjoy your search for hidden treasures, whatever that means to you.  Namaste.



Get Connected.

The other day I stopped at the corner grocery store to get some deli meat and cheese.  While I was waiting for them to prepare my sandwich fare, I grabbed a cold beer and put it on the counter.  A gentleman came up to buy his items and my beer sort of got mixed in with his stuff.  I quickly grabbed the beer and said
“oh, the beer is mine”.  This sweet man says “Oh, I’ll buy that beer for you, don’t worry about it!”

How kind is that? He was from London, Ontario and we ended up having a good ‘ole chat about what we do with ourselves when we are not on vacation.  Turns out he owns nursing homes in Ontario, and he had valuable information for me on a little project that I have been mulling around in my head.  And he is so excited to read “Be That Girl!”.  I am taking a copy to him today.  In less than 5 minutes, we shared a tonne of information with each other and I thoroughly enjoyed waiting for my lunchmeat.

Every person you meet has information for you, or you have information for them.  You have got to be daring enough to talk to strangers, in spite of what our parents taught us as children.  It still amazes me how quickly my children make connections with other children.  Kids are like magnets to each other and it is as if they know innately that if they hang out together the fun will be multiplied.  Yesterday, we met a family with 3 girls also at the beach.  The connection between those girls and my girls was instantaneous, and meeting them ended up being a highlight of my girls day.  I have included a picture of the little darlings.

Us adults could really learn from this.  We need to get out there and start talking to new people.  Get connected, get information, share information, and reap the rewards that your network will give you.

Today, I am on a mission to pay my free beer forward to someone new.  I wonder who I will meet, and what I will learn.  How exciting!

Have a wonderful weekend. 

Learn it.

Are there things to do around your home that you never have to do, and that you do not know how to do, because you are fortunate enough to have someone do it for you? If you are relying on someone else to take care of things for you, a day may come where you are going to be stuck doing it, and you won’t know how! Be proactive in your life and ensure that you can take care of things yourself.  Granted, you will always have support in your life, but you need to be able to care of yourself and your family on your own as the need arises.  So, if you have a snow blower that you do not know how to use, ask to learn today! If you don’t know how to check the oil in your car, or how to change a tire, learn to do it now! If you’ve never set up the Christmas Tree by yourself, do it today so you can learn.  If you have no idea how to do laundry or how to iron or how to sew, it’s time to learn.  Ask the person who always does these things to show you how.  It is much easier to learn something from the expert in your house than when you are alone and a need arises!  And remember, you CAN do it.  There are always going to be things in our life that we don’t want to do, but have to do,  so we need to know how to do them.  Have an educational day!  Namaste.