Release Your Inner Girl & A New Book

I am very excited (elated and ecstatic) to announce that my newest book, Be That Mom hits the shelves October 1, 2013!  (You can pre-order it here.)  I have enjoyed writing Be That Mom and truly hope that you will find it useful in your life too.

With this release, we begin the ‘Release Your Inner Girl’ initiative.  I endeavour to inspire and challenge women to find what ignites their passion for life on this tour…  so maybe I’ll be lucky enough to meet you!?!


Tina's newest book out October 1, 2013!



Stay tuned for updates on the cities I’ll be visiting on my upcoming cross Canada book tour!



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The Best Books on Self Help went Global!

The Best Books on Self Help, Be That Girl, went Global!

Yesterday, I appeared as a guest on the Morning Show at Global TV Calgary to talk about my book, Be That Girl.  Check it out!

Today is my daughter Trinity’s 8th Birthday.  Everyone always talks about how quickly time passes, especially when you have children.  But when I look back on everything that has happened in 8 years, it is apparent that while time may appear to pass quickly in our minds, it is really relative and it passes at the same rate no matter how busy you are.  Time is all a matter of perspective.  Though we cannot make more time, we can consciously choose to enjoy all of the time that we do have.  So, instead of always thinking that time passes too quickly, I am going to keep thinking about how wonderful it is to have so much time in this life.  Life is busy, but you can always make time for the things that are important to you.  What are you choosing to spend your time on? You are in control of how you spend your time, so make changes if necessary, or just start enjoying all of the little moments that happen amidst the hectic hours in every day.  Those are the things that will stick with you, and that you will look back on fondly. Spend some time doing something fun or relaxing today.  Namaste.

Sing your way through life.

“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.”
Lao Tzu

There is a song for every moment in your life.  And sometimes, it just feels good to sing your song.

When I need to rock it out… Metallica One.

When I need a pick me up, or am singing Karaoke… I’m Yours, Jason Mraz.

When I’m hauling booze… any top 20 with big base, played loud.

When I just need to feel more emotion… Adele, Someone Like You.

Figure out what songs really motivate you and make you feel good.  Play more of those.  And sing along.  The Universe will hear you.  Namaste.