When in doubt…

When in doubt, write it out!
Having a journal that you keep on you at all times is a powerful way to talk to yourself and to the Universe. If you are questioning things, you have a decision to make, or when you are experiencing doubt, simply write down how you feel about the situation, without over-analyzing. After you write down your feelings, sleep on it. Assess your feelings again in the morning. This process can really activate the Universe, and you! Namaste.


Use the Universe.

Always seek out Books on Motivation to help you with stress. There will be times when you will feel overwhelmed, and you may wonder how you are possibly going to accomplish everything that you want to accomplish in your life, or even in your day. When you feel this way, you need to know that you are not alone in achieving your dreams. The Universe is waiting to help you, but it needs you to provide guidance. You need to be true to yourself about your dreams, and about the results you want to see in your life. Keep a journal and consistently write things down. This is one way to connect with the Universe about your desires and feelings. Writing things down solidifies them in your own mind, and gets you working on things at a subconscious level. It’s like taking action in your sleep! You will be amazed at what the Universe will do for you when you are willing to put yourself out there. Opportunities will start showing up from every angle, and you will find yourself spending time assessing these opportunities instead of worrying about how you are going to get it all done.

And when opportunities are presented to you, be sure to say thank you to the Universe in whatever way feels good to you. Giving thanks, and appreciating the small things that happen, will ensure that more is sent your way. So chase all your dreams, even if they seem scary and unachievable. You don’t have to do it alone. Namaste.


I am required to volunteer once a month at my daughters preschool, which I love.  If I cannot do my scheduled shift, it is my responsibility to find someone to switch with me.  Recently, I needed to swap a shift in February.  I have a class list at home, but I was pressed for time and wanted to take some action right away.  There is a communication book that the parents write in if they need to communicate with the teachers, so I thought I would just write it in there and hope that one of the moms would be able to cover it off, and that they would chance to look at the book (most of us only ever look at it if need to write something in it, never otherwise).

A few days later, one of the moms came up to me and said, “Hey.  I was wondering if you would be able to swap volunteer days with me…I am not able to make it on my scheduled day”.

She had not even seen the note in the book, and she did not know that I was looking for someone to swap with also.  Ha ha! Thank you Universe!

We ended up swapping out days, and both of us walked away happy and knowing that a piece of our lives had just been handled.  Oh yeah.

And all I had to do was write it down.  I put it out there to the Universe, and then just went with the flow.

Start questioning the cooincidences that happen in your life, and try to track what you did to make that happen.  When things work, keep doing them.  You are in control.  Namaste.


Happy Chinese New Year!

Today is the start of the Chinese New Year, so Happy New Year to you all! (or in Chinese, Gung hay fat choy, which means “Best wishes and Congratulations. Have a prosperous and good year.”)   Chinese New Year is celebrated for 15 days, and on the 15th day a lantern celebration is held.  A lot of food is shared over these next 15 days, and many interesting traditions involving superstitions are upheld, including not eating meat or sweeping ones home on the first day.  Interesting!

The Chinese Astrological Calendar is symbolized by animals, with each year being represented by a certain animal.

Today is the start of the Year of the Dragon.  If you have ever asked yourself why I have a Dragon on the cover of my book, Be That Girl, here is your answer. I was born in the year of the Dragon. To me, the Dragon is a mythical symbol of power, strength,  and confidence … traits that all of us could use a little more of at times in our lives!

The year of the dragon promises to bring excitement, unpredictability and opportunity.  This is the perfect time to create change in your life.

Have a wonderful day! Namaste.



Have Faith.

“Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.”
Saint Augustine

Have faith in yourself and the Universe.  You have the ability to tap into the Universe, and the Universe will always provide.  Start by having faith in your own abilities and dreams.  Figure out what you passionately want in life, and have enough faith to know in your heart that you will be able to have what you want.  See your dreams vividly in your own head, and soon those dream will be tangible in your life.  Namaste.

Working Wednesday

Looking for a change but not sure what you want? Take action in a few different areas, and then let the Universe bring you the right things! Start looking at career ads, check into gym memberships or exercise classes, look for education classes in your area, search the internet for interesting things.  Always be on the lookout for relevant information and signs from the Universe.  You have already been given, or will be given, everything you need to succeed.  But you have to be looking for it to find it! Put your internal radar out there, and you will be AMAZED at what you find.  Happy hunting! 🙂


It’s Saturday.  Take time to visit a bookstore today and use your intuition to buy, or just research, some new books.  Just walk around the store and look at things with your perceptive eyes.  Pick up books and look through them.  There is information in those books that  you need to succeed, and subconsciously you already know where that information is.   Allow yourself to find that information by using your gut.  I cannot wait to hear what answers are revealed to you! Send me your comments after you complete this exercise! 🙂

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