How can I build Confidence? Treat Yourself.

You work hard. You need to take the time to relax and unwind. Treating yourself to this time will help you create your amazing future even faster!
It is easy to just go, go, go, and then just keep going! If you’re not doing, you’re not achieving, right? Wrong. You have got to take a breather once in a while and get your strength back, and keep your focus on track. Today, take a 20 minute break from “doing”, and focus on “thinking”.
Here are a few ways that you can restore yourself and regain your mental focus.

  • Take a long bath or a shower, by yourself.
  • Lock yourself in your bedroom and just sit on the bed quietly. Bring your journal, just in case.
  • Do yoga.
  • Do a small meditation and focus only on your breathing. Concentrate on visualize what you want for yourself.
  • Go out to the garden, or in your yard, and sit for 20 minutes without doing any work. Just enjoy what you have created.
  • Sit on your porch and do nothing but enjoy everything around you. You may also choose to sit on your couch if you live in Calgary, and it is still freezing in May!
  • Get up 20 minutes earlier than normal and just sit and have a coffee or tea before anyone else gets up. Enjoy the quiet and the lack of doing. Look out your windows and notice what is happening around you. You may just see a sunrise, some wildlife, or another thing that makes you wonder about your neighbor.

Start treating yourself to 20 minutes of “no do” time every week. Remind yourself that taking this 20 minutes is a huge part of creating your success. You will connect with yourself in ways that you have forgotten, and you will begin creating your future faster. Find true happiness in treating yourself each week. Make it important and do not justify it to anyone. If you are going to pick one thing to do to change your life, this has to be it. Find 20 minutes each week and start expanding yourself. Experience the joy of being with you, for you.  Namaste.

The Power of the Mind.

I recently read a book to my 3 girls called “Little Miss Giggles”, part of the Little Miss Collection.

In this story, Little Miss Giggles wakes up one day and she has lost her giggle!

Mr. Happy, who of course cannot stand to see anyone not happy, figures out a way to help her get her giggle back.  He gives her an empty box that says something like “Contains 1 Giggle”.  She opens it up and says “There is nothing in here!” And he says, “of course there is”…

and then she starts giggling!

This story just reminded me of how powerful that computer is that you have inside of your head.  You can truly create everything you want and need with your mind.  You need to know how powerful your mind is, and you need to start using it to benefit you everyday.  Let’s start a giggle revolution by making some boxes of giggles, and sharing them with others around us.  Soon, we will will all be laughing our way through every day.  What could be more perfect? Namaste.

Inspire yourself.

My inspiration program includes inspiring yourself.

It is easy to look to others for inspiration and motivation. Others can help to get you back on track, or help convince you that you are on the right path, or make you realize that you need to choose a new path. But you can become so reliant on that external motivation, that when it is removed, there is no longer anything pushing you to keep going. You have got to be able to inspire yourself. Here’s how.

Visualize yourself grabbing onto the little pilot light inside of you. See yourself lighting that pilot light, and see it burning brightly and warmly. Keep adding fuel to that fire so that it never goes out! There are a lot of different ways to add fuel to your fire. Here are a few of my favorites.

Talk nicely to yourself. You are capable of anything.
Reward yourself when you accomplish anything.
Don’t worry about what other people think. What you think about yourself, and the path you are on, is all that matters.
Take positive actions in your life. And avoid negative situations and negative people.
Get active. Do Yoga. Smile.

Inspire yourself everyday and you will start reaping the rewards. Namaste.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

Make your body a priority by feeding it healthy food and lots of water. Give yourself 7-9 hours of sleep a day. Add some activity to your life. Having a healthy body that is strong and rested will ensure that you feel calm, relaxed and happy. Boost your confidence by maintaining a healthy body. Namaste.

The Pursuit.

“Everyone needs a certain amount of money. Beyond that, we pursue money because we know how to obtain it. We don’t necessarily know how to obtain happiness.”
Gregg Easterbrook


Be Accountable.

If you have done something, take responsibility for it.  If you are thinking about doing something, write it down, and assess it.  If you commit to doing something, do it.  When you make a commitment, stick by it.  So, be careful about what you commit to!  Namaste!

Be Honest.

Be honest with yourself and everyone else in your life.  Being honest with yourself means to always respect and listen to yourself.  You know deep inside of you what is right for you, and what is not, and also what you really want out of life.  Listen to yourself.  You know what is best for you.

Be honest with others, and always tell the truth.  Be straight up with the people in your life.  Even if you feel like you are going to hurt someone’s feelings, be honest in the most tactful way possible.  You can only control your own feelings.

If you are honest, you will develop an amazing sense of trust in yourself.  Others will respect you and look up to you for being true to yourself and to them.


Love Yourself!

Here is my daughter Trinity.  She made this shirt the other morning for herself, and then proceeded to wear it for 3 days straight!

She is demonstrating here that you are never too young, or too old, to start loving yourself.  It seems easier to love yourself when you are young, and you have not had the experience of messing up or making mistakes in your life.  No matter what your experience, or your hardships, today is a new day.  The past is just that… past, gone, done.  Today is a new day, so start today with loving every piece of yourself.  Forgive yourself and open yourself up to the love that you have already inside of you.

So start proclaiming “I am the Best!” everyday. Because you are.  You deserve to love yourself and you are worth it.  Namaste!

Don’t be afraid to ask.

Think you deserve a raise? Wanting that promotion? Want more help around the house? Need a break from the kids?

Go ahead and ask for it! Do not be afraid.  When you ask, ensure that your are prepared.  Write down on a piece of paper what you plan to say, and then practice it.  Think of all of the possible outcomes, and how you might respond.

No matter what response you get, asking is the important part.  Asking is action, and action produces results.  You may get ‘no’ as an answer, but do not be discouraged.  You have made yourself think, and you have gotten someone else to think about you in a different way also.

The Universe works in mysterious ways, so be accepting of the outcome and just keep the action going!


Help Others to Help You.

When you teach someone else, it actually helps you to learn the skill at a deeper level.  Take what you have learned from books and courses and apply it in your life by teaching it to someone else.   If you are teaching people amazing things, you are going to help them out immensely.  You will also be helping yourself to grow and develop more.  Knowing you have helped someone  will make your heart swell with joy.  That is what it’s all about.  Namaste!