Be Proud.

On Friday, I was invited for an interview at Calgary’s Independent Radio Station, CJSW (90.9 fm). I feel blessed to have met and chatted with Kevin Brooks and Grant Burns on their show ‘Road Pops’.
The station is located inside the University of Calgary. Strolling through the campus, I became aware of how rapidly time had passed for me. Walking past the old smoking lounge, the ‘Black Lung’ immediately brought back vivid images of chain smoking, coffee drinking and late night studying.
I suddenly realized how far I had come since my University days. A degree in Psychology, quitting smoking, a wedding, 3 children, 2 liquor stores,  4 years of Wednesdays with my mom and my sister, and the release of a sensational new book. I realized that I should feel proud of myself for my achievements to date. So I gave myself a good old “Thatta Girl Tina”!
I would encourage you to be proud of yourself for where you are today…right now. Don’t wait until some future date when you feel that you will have achieved even more. Tell yourself now how proud you are! Do not compare yourself to others; that is not what matters. What matters is what you have done with, and for, yourself to date. You are amazing, and you should tell yourself that more often! Talking positively to yourself will motivate and encourage you to go farther.
You are your own worst critic, and unless you stop and say “Great Job!” to yourself, your achievements may never be good enough for you. It is okay to want more and strive for better, but you need to embrace the present and look at what you have accomplished already.  Be proud of you. You deserve it.

Make Decisions.

In order to make things happen in your life, you must be able to make decisions. You must take on the responsibility, gather the relevant information, listen to your own intuition, and then make a decision. 
Making a decision holds you responsible for the outcome, which can be scary. Remember that fear feels the same as excitement in your belly, so embrace that feeling, and do not allow it to hold you back. Accept the responsibility and get excited about the potential results.
You can find any information you need to help you make informed choices, but you must be looking for it. Do your research and then compile the results.
Combine the information you have gathered with your own incredible instincts to help you make the right decisions at the right times.
You are presented with opportunities and choices daily, and decisions will need to be made or you will not see progress.   Successful people make decisions consistently, and they learn from each outcome how to make better decisions in the future.
Take control and do not be afraid. Start making life changing decisions today!  Namaste.


We all deserve to have at least 1 day of every year where we feel like we are the most important person. That day is normally your birthday. The phone rings for you more often that day and you may be able to take liberties like longer lunches or sleeping in, and feel good about it. Today is your reminder that age is a state of mind.

I am constantly preaching about looking at results and using those as a basis for judgement and action. When I look at people who practice yoga, I see the kind of results I want. They may have grey hair, but their bodies are tighter and more flexible than most people in their 20’s! I am looking forward to feeling like a 25  year old until I am 105, and I want to have the body to back those feelings up.

Do what you can to preserve the wellness of your body so that you can continue to do all of the things that you feel like you should be able to do, for as long as you want to do them. And don’t let a number like your age restrict you. Remember, you’re only as old as you feel…how old is that today? Me, I’m 25 and holding. Namaste.

Sit Back, Relax, and…

Take Action! Yes, you can relax and you can enjoy your life.  But you also need to be taking action in your life.  Maximize your time and results by taking the right actions.  Make sure you know where you want to go, and then just start taking little steps everyday towards getting you there.  If you make time and focus on your dreams and your passions consistently, you will achieve your dreams.

Focusing on your dreams must include:

  • visualization of, and meditation on your dreams
  • writing down your dreams and passions, without restriction
  • writing down steps to take to achieve your goals
  • creating time in your day to consistently work on your dreams

Find 20 minutes today, and everyday, to give your dreams some time.  You’re worth it.  Namaste.


Tips of Fengshui: Enhance with Plants

A Warm Welcome to all my new Edmonton Friends! I enjoyed meeting each of you at my book signings in Edmonton over the last couple of days.

My next book signing is this Sunday February 26, 2012 in Calgary at
Chapters Dalhousie Station from 1 pm to 4 pm. Come out if you can.

Today I want to remind you to add plants to your life. Plants can have an amazing impact on your life. Plants clean your air naturally. Plants absorb negative energy and create positive energy. Looking after something beautiful that flourishes with your attention will make you feel good. And seeing your plants everyday will make you smile on the inside.

Choose a variety of flowering and tropical plants. Some plants are easier to care for than others. If you’re new to plants, the easiest thing to do is start reading the little info cards that most places have attached to their plants. These will tell you the name of the plant and how to care for that type of plant. Plants love being watered on a schedule, so water them on the same day each week, or more frequently if they need it.

To maximize the impact that plants can have in your life, place them in the following places:

  • On your desk at work. I like the wealth corner for this one (left corner of your desk).
  • In corners. Corners give off negative energy. Plants can absorb some of that negative energy.
  • You may have a room in your home that does not feel comfortable. Add as many plants as you can there.
  • Bathrooms. Absorb some of the negative energy that emanates from this area by keeping plants near to the toilet.
  • Anywhere that is appealing to you and not in the way.

I truly believe that that the more plants you add, the better you will feel. So just keep adding plants whenever you have the opportunity, without cluttering your home, of course. Each room in your home should have at least one plant, in my opinion. Do what you can to add one plant this weekend. Getting cuttings from someone you know who has healthy plants can be one cost effective way of adding plants to your life.

Happy plant hunting everyone! Namaste.

Be Free.

On her 8th Birthday, my daughter Trinity wore a shirt with the following small, inspiring quote on it:

Free to Love, Dream and Be ME!

Give yourself the freedom to love, dream and be YOU everyday.

Just Be Free.  Namaste.

The Best Books on Self Help went Global!

The Best Books on Self Help, Be That Girl, went Global!

Yesterday, I appeared as a guest on the Morning Show at Global TV Calgary to talk about my book, Be That Girl.  Check it out!

Today is my daughter Trinity’s 8th Birthday.  Everyone always talks about how quickly time passes, especially when you have children.  But when I look back on everything that has happened in 8 years, it is apparent that while time may appear to pass quickly in our minds, it is really relative and it passes at the same rate no matter how busy you are.  Time is all a matter of perspective.  Though we cannot make more time, we can consciously choose to enjoy all of the time that we do have.  So, instead of always thinking that time passes too quickly, I am going to keep thinking about how wonderful it is to have so much time in this life.  Life is busy, but you can always make time for the things that are important to you.  What are you choosing to spend your time on? You are in control of how you spend your time, so make changes if necessary, or just start enjoying all of the little moments that happen amidst the hectic hours in every day.  Those are the things that will stick with you, and that you will look back on fondly. Spend some time doing something fun or relaxing today.  Namaste.

Home again.

At the end of any vacation,  you may feel sad about your return to “real life”.  If this is the case, you need to rethink your “real life”!

It’s time to get excited about your everyday by making sure you are doing things you love.  Follow your passion every day in everything you do, and let go of the things that bring you stress but do not give you results.

Don’t know what your passions are anymore? Time to think about it for real.  in my book, Be That Girl, I walk you through writing a 5 year plan based on what you really want out of life.  Can’t wait for your copy of the book? Sign up for my e-newsletter at and receive a free video on changing your life today.

Chase your dreams everyday and soon your dreams will be reality.  Namaste.


Get Connected.

The other day I stopped at the corner grocery store to get some deli meat and cheese.  While I was waiting for them to prepare my sandwich fare, I grabbed a cold beer and put it on the counter.  A gentleman came up to buy his items and my beer sort of got mixed in with his stuff.  I quickly grabbed the beer and said
“oh, the beer is mine”.  This sweet man says “Oh, I’ll buy that beer for you, don’t worry about it!”

How kind is that? He was from London, Ontario and we ended up having a good ‘ole chat about what we do with ourselves when we are not on vacation.  Turns out he owns nursing homes in Ontario, and he had valuable information for me on a little project that I have been mulling around in my head.  And he is so excited to read “Be That Girl!”.  I am taking a copy to him today.  In less than 5 minutes, we shared a tonne of information with each other and I thoroughly enjoyed waiting for my lunchmeat.

Every person you meet has information for you, or you have information for them.  You have got to be daring enough to talk to strangers, in spite of what our parents taught us as children.  It still amazes me how quickly my children make connections with other children.  Kids are like magnets to each other and it is as if they know innately that if they hang out together the fun will be multiplied.  Yesterday, we met a family with 3 girls also at the beach.  The connection between those girls and my girls was instantaneous, and meeting them ended up being a highlight of my girls day.  I have included a picture of the little darlings.

Us adults could really learn from this.  We need to get out there and start talking to new people.  Get connected, get information, share information, and reap the rewards that your network will give you.

Today, I am on a mission to pay my free beer forward to someone new.  I wonder who I will meet, and what I will learn.  How exciting!

Have a wonderful weekend.