Composting in Calgary.

I love being GREEN! It’s good for the environment, and it makes me feel so good to be doing things that contribute to our earth. Admittedly, though, I’m not perfect! This year, I got a little lazy with my compost through the winter. I kept adding everything I should  add, but I didn’t turn it like I should have every week. Last weekend, with spring finally upon us and the snow gone, I decided to to give my compost a real good turning. I was intending to use some of the “ready” stuff on my current garden beds. I really went to town digging and turning, and all of a sudden a bunch of cute little rodents came rushing up to the surface! They were looking at me as if to say “what the heck are you doing to our home lady?” I promptly stopped digging, closed the lid, and went in the house.
My consequence of not regularly turning the compost is VOLES! How nice. Rather than poison or trap the little critters, I decided to take a more humane approach. I have turned my compost every day, and I have added some water. The little grey rodents have vacated their comfy home, and I have my nutrient rich compost back! Gardening is not for the faint of heart!
The natural approach is always the best approach.
The warm, stagnant environment that I allowed in my compost made it way too nice for the voles, and I take full responsibility for allowing them to move on in. Making it an uninhabitable place is also my responsibility, and it is the easiest way to discourage any critters from hanging around too long.
Always think about using simple, natural methods as your first choice. Keep the healthy life balance going in your yard, and you will be blessed with healthy land, healthy gardens, and healthy families. One small step everyday by each of us can make a ginormous impact on the health of our planet. Being Green is a mindset that is contagious! Let’s all make an effort to create more harmony. Namaste.

An easy, effective assignment.

Grab a garbage bag and take a walk through your home. Open up closets, look under the beds, and inside drawers. Pick 5 things that you no longer need or want, or that just no longer have a spot in your life anymore.
Choose things like shoes you no longer wear, old jackets, boardgames, old make up or hair products, books, toys or something out of your kitchen. It may be your favorite jeans… the ones that you can’t even wear out of the house anymore because they are so worn out.
As you put things into your garbage bag, let go of any feelings you have associated with those items. Say “thanks for being there for me, but I need to move on”.
Be sure to find at least 5 items, and feel free to get rid of more (but don’t spend all day on this).
This task should take less than 10 minutes, if you walk fast and make quick decisions. It’s only 5 things. No excuses. Just go do it now.
Look through the garbage bag and decide what you are going to do with your 5 items. If the item is garbage (not reusable), put it there now. Decide if you want to donate, or sell, the remaining items that are still usable. Put the items you intend to donate into your car so you can drop them off on your next outing. If you plan to sell some items, decide how you are going to do that and then do it. Take pictures of your items and upload them to Kijijji, or decide on a date for your next garage sale. If you think trying to sell the items will be a hassle, just donate. You will be making someone’s life better. By doing this exercise, you will also be making your own life better. Reducing the amount of stuff you have in your life can increase your efficiency and reduce your stress. Namaste.

Round out your life.

It is a commonly held belief in Feng Shui that rounded, smooth things give off gentle, more positive energies while squared, pointy edged items give off a harder, more negative energy. All I know for sure is that I love the energizing feeling of being seated around a round table with my family for a good old Chinese Food dinner… and I do not like the scars that I have on my shins from the pointy edges of my children’s beds.

So “go round” whenever possible, and with everything in your life. Namaste.

Tips of Fengshui: Enhance with Plants

A Warm Welcome to all my new Edmonton Friends! I enjoyed meeting each of you at my book signings in Edmonton over the last couple of days.

My next book signing is this Sunday February 26, 2012 in Calgary at
Chapters Dalhousie Station from 1 pm to 4 pm. Come out if you can.

Today I want to remind you to add plants to your life. Plants can have an amazing impact on your life. Plants clean your air naturally. Plants absorb negative energy and create positive energy. Looking after something beautiful that flourishes with your attention will make you feel good. And seeing your plants everyday will make you smile on the inside.

Choose a variety of flowering and tropical plants. Some plants are easier to care for than others. If you’re new to plants, the easiest thing to do is start reading the little info cards that most places have attached to their plants. These will tell you the name of the plant and how to care for that type of plant. Plants love being watered on a schedule, so water them on the same day each week, or more frequently if they need it.

To maximize the impact that plants can have in your life, place them in the following places:

  • On your desk at work. I like the wealth corner for this one (left corner of your desk).
  • In corners. Corners give off negative energy. Plants can absorb some of that negative energy.
  • You may have a room in your home that does not feel comfortable. Add as many plants as you can there.
  • Bathrooms. Absorb some of the negative energy that emanates from this area by keeping plants near to the toilet.
  • Anywhere that is appealing to you and not in the way.

I truly believe that that the more plants you add, the better you will feel. So just keep adding plants whenever you have the opportunity, without cluttering your home, of course. Each room in your home should have at least one plant, in my opinion. Do what you can to add one plant this weekend. Getting cuttings from someone you know who has healthy plants can be one cost effective way of adding plants to your life.

Happy plant hunting everyone! Namaste.

Out with the Old, In with the New

A few weeks ago, I cleaned out my office thoroughly, did all of my filing and got my desk looking neat and sweet, and I pumped up the good energy of my desk using Feng Shui.  In just a few short weeks, I have moved out of that office, and yesterday I officially welcomed someone new to that office!  Gotta love that turn around!

Clear out the clutter in your life, keep things organized and do not hang onto too many things.  Keep it simple.  Let go of the old, unused, unwanted stuff in your home, and in your life, and you will immediately make room for new, exciting things.  Get ready for some change! Namaste.

On Reorganizing.

assumed that I must have left it somewhere last winter. I was sad.

Around the same time, I added to my to-do list to do all my filing and reorganize my office space as soon as some time came available. I had been putting off that project for too long, and I was not really looking forward to it, but I knew it had to be done. (unfinished projects are in your subconscious mind and they can stress you out even when you are not consciously thinking about them!)

In order to get our Year End completed for our businesses, our accountant required several items to be sent to her yesterday, so I was forced to re-prioritize my schedule and get the filing and clutter cleansing done. I was rather annoyed that I was being forced to do this task when I had lots of other things I would rather be doing!

In keeping with my clutter rules, I pulled everything out of my desk for assessment. And guess what? I found my favorite black hat! My filing is now complete and my desk area is clutter free and looks beautiful. And my year end is complete. Now that’s what I call a good day.

The Universe works in mysterious ways alright. I simply had to take action to find my hat, and put it out there that I wanted it! Then I wrote down the office task and the Universe assisted me in scheduling this task when it was required. And voila, my hat is returned to my head!

I love and trust the Universe. Namaste.

Increase work wealth.

Buy an attractive plant for yourself and put it in your workspace. Place the plant on the far left corner of your desk, along with something red.  If the plant is in a red plant pot, perfect.  You can also add some red with a simple ribbon around your pot, or another object that pleases you.  If you do not have a desk in your workspace, no problem.  From the door into your workspace, place the plant in the farthest left corner.  Add some red here also.  Plants clean the air, they make you feel good, and they may just increase your wealth at work.  Namaste.

Clear some clutter.

Pick 1 small area in your home or office today that has been driving you crazy.   Spend 10 minutes removing the clutter from that area and reorganizing it.  Set a timer for 10 minutes and be done when it rings.  Stand back and smile at the fact that you just fixed one thing that was driving you crazy! Namaste.