Friendship is a gift!

You can never be sure what the Universe will send your way, but one thing you can count on is that the Universe will send you exactly what you need, when you need it.

Interestingly, my book release party this weekend brought back into my life some people that I have missed dearly, and who I obviously need in my life right now. It also brought me in contact with some amazing new people.

True friendship is a gift that makes your heart swell to a size larger than it was before. A true friend adores you no matter what.   And although time may pass where a friend is not in your life, when that friend returns to your life, it is as if they were never gone.   I want to take this opportunity to welcome back to my life some true friends!

Have faith that the Universe will provide for you, and it will.  Have an amazing day!

Value your network.

Do not underestimate how important your network is in your life.  Ensure that you maintain every relationship in your life, no matter how small, or infrequent your interactions are.  Keep your relationships positive and upbeat, and never leave things negative if it can be helped.

You never know when you will need someone to help you out, or when they will need your help.  It really doesn’t take long to connect with people.  A quick phone call or email will keep you in the forefront of people’s minds, and you never know what they will have to tell you when you do check in! You do not need a reason to check in with your network.  All you need to say is that you wanted to touch base with them and see how everything is going.  Is there anything you can do for them currently? Are they doing well, and prospering? How is their family? Reach out to as many people as you can every day.  Your network is the key to reaching your goals, and the information and assistance that you need is already waiting for you in your network.  You just need to start searching for it! Ask questions, provide information, and be generally compassionate and interested.  You will find what you need quickly, and it will seem like magic.

Start using your powers today to get everything you need.  Rock your network!

Make Things Happen!

The other day I was excitedly showing my book off to a lady at school. Her response was “Wow! I can’t believe this is happening to you!”

My reply was, “Oh, well I am making it happen!”

Things will not just randomly happen to you. You have got to take action and make things happen in your life! And the more action you take, the faster things can happen for you.

Just last February, I thought to myself “I am going to write a book!” And I did it! And it is now available in bookstores! That is so cool!

You can do anything if you put your mind to it, take action, and grab opportunities as they are presented to you. Go do it now! 🙂

It’s Official! Be That Girl is available on!

What an exciting time this is for Be That Girl.  Late last night, this amazing, life-changing book became available on


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Do something you’ve been afraid to day…NOW!

“Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything – all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important.”
Steve Jobs

Out with the Old, In with the New

A few weeks ago, I cleaned out my office thoroughly, did all of my filing and got my desk looking neat and sweet, and I pumped up the good energy of my desk using Feng Shui.  In just a few short weeks, I have moved out of that office, and yesterday I officially welcomed someone new to that office!  Gotta love that turn around!

Clear out the clutter in your life, keep things organized and do not hang onto too many things.  Keep it simple.  Let go of the old, unused, unwanted stuff in your home, and in your life, and you will immediately make room for new, exciting things.  Get ready for some change! Namaste.

It takes two.

This morning when my alarm went off, I was inspired by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock’s song, “It Takes Two”.

It takes two to make a thing go right…

It takes two to make it outta sight!

Every successful relationship requires all persons involved to put in effort .  One person alone cannot make the world go around, nor should they try to!

When you are a team, and both parties are excited, motivated, and putting the effort in, you can make it “outta sight!”

It is very noticeable when any relationship is one sided. Expectations are placed on one party, while the other party chooses to put their efforts elsewhere.

You can only be responsible for your behavior and your efforts.  And you cannot expect to change others.  If there is a relationship in your life that is not reaching the heights that you expect, you cannot take that all on! Take on your 50% of the responsibility that you have in the relationship, and be sure to communicate with the other party about your feelings.

If you want all of your relationships to soar, it will take two.  Nurture the relationships that fuel you and that create positive results.  Think carefully about relationships that don’t.

And above all, smile and remind yourself that you are amazing.  Namaste!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Today is the start of the Chinese New Year, so Happy New Year to you all! (or in Chinese, Gung hay fat choy, which means “Best wishes and Congratulations. Have a prosperous and good year.”)   Chinese New Year is celebrated for 15 days, and on the 15th day a lantern celebration is held.  A lot of food is shared over these next 15 days, and many interesting traditions involving superstitions are upheld, including not eating meat or sweeping ones home on the first day.  Interesting!

The Chinese Astrological Calendar is symbolized by animals, with each year being represented by a certain animal.

Today is the start of the Year of the Dragon.  If you have ever asked yourself why I have a Dragon on the cover of my book, Be That Girl, here is your answer. I was born in the year of the Dragon. To me, the Dragon is a mythical symbol of power, strength,  and confidence … traits that all of us could use a little more of at times in our lives!

The year of the dragon promises to bring excitement, unpredictability and opportunity.  This is the perfect time to create change in your life.

Have a wonderful day! Namaste.



Why I love Sundays.

Oh Sunday! How do I love you? Let me count the ways.

Once we had children, “sleeping in” or reading a book on the weekend seemed to disappear. But we were missing it!  Thankfully, my cousin Julie taught me the value of sharing the weekend days with your spouse in order to garner some time to yourself.

Essentially, you take turns having a “sleep in” day.  When it is your sleep in day, you are allowed to stay in your bedroom until 10:30 or 11 without any interruptions to do as you please (sleep, read, do yoga).  The following day, it would be your responsibility to get up and take care of your home life.  Saturday is now Ryan’s sleep in day, and Sunday is mine.

Find more time for you.  You’re worth it.

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Better a relationship in your life today!

Life gets so busy that we sometimes forget to take time to let the people we care about know how much they mean to us.  Make time today to show the people you love that you care about them, and are thinking about them.  Here are some ideas on how to let them know:

  • Send flowers and a meaningful card, or have flowers waiting for them when they come home (or bring them with you when you meet)
  • Send an e-card, or mail an actual card
  • Call them and tell them outright how you feel about them
  • Plan a date night
  • Cook their favorite dinner or dessert
  • Buy some rose petals and sprinkle them on the bed
  • Do something to make life easier for them, like washing their car or taking out the garbage / recycling
  • Put a note in their lunchbag, or on / under their pillow

It is amazing how good it feels to share with others.  And don’t forget about you! You should be the most important person in your life.  So be sure to do something nice for yourself today too.  Flowers are nice… Namaste.